Rahab Mukami

Marry Nyeri women – County Representative Rahab Mukami urges men

Nyeri women have a bad reputation when it comes to relationships with their men. The common trope is that they are physically abusive towards their men.

This has forced Nyeri County Woman Representative Rahab Mukami to come out to dispel that fact/myth/legend? While addressing a crowd at Tharaka Nithi County, the Member of Parliament pleaded with men to marry ladies from her country and avoid sourcing wives from outside.

Rahab Mukami
Rahab Mukami

Tharaka Nithi for those who don’t know has a large contingent of people from the Meru community and this would seem like a trade visit by Rahab. Hehehe! Advertising the wares that Nyeri has to offer to Tharaka.

In a video shared by Urbannews on Instagram, Rahab claimed that Nyeri women no longer hit their husbands and are kind, hardworking women while not shying away from the age-old stereotype Nyeri women are hot-tempered and physically abuse their husbands.

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She also assured men that women from the area make good wives and are not as violent as most people paint them out to be.

‘Sometimes a man comes home after drinking then he falls and hits himself on the doorpost. The wife rushes out to pick him and she ends up being accused of injuring him,’ Rahab said cheekily.

Rahab Mukami on the right
Rahab Mukami on the right

She also explained that the women from the area are hard-working and wake up early to take care of their husbands so that men shouldn’t be afraid. She finished off by noting that the area had an issue with alcoholism among the men,

‘There are Nyeri women here and please do not associate us with husband battering. If you look at me can you not tell that I am not a worthy woman?’ she added.

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