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Marry first before you start talking about other people’s marriages – Angry man tells Maina

Yesterday, Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya showed up with his two wives in tow, something that upset Classic105 presenter Maina Kageni.

The incident was the topic of conversation today with Maina asking his audience what they thought of polygamy in general. “What is the Governor teaching the youth? Maina pondered.

“I don’t want to be disrespectful, first of all he kosead his first wife, you cannot go to a wedding with two women. I don’t care who you are, it’s disrespectful.”

But it seemed that Kenyans weren’t as upset as he was with even women saying that as long as the man could take care of all the wives, it shouldn’t be a problem.

But one, in particular, was really upset with Maina and angrily told him off saying, “Marry first before you start talking about other people’s marriages.”

Some of those comments are below:

I have a wife and two other women and the second one encouraged me to get the third one. My wife doesn’t know I have two women on the side.

I’m 35 years old and I have two wives and the day I told my wife about the other woman ilikuwa vita but saa hii wanapendana sana.

We as Luhya men can have as many wives as we want and you will never find the two women complaining.

I have another woman outside my marriage but my wife doesn’t know.

Our ladies are full of selfishness,, they don’t want to share. 

Enlightened women would rather share a successful man than be saddled with a faithful loser, it’s as simple as that.

Yes Maina,as long as he treats us fairly. Nowadays it’s no longer my man but our man…

These men can never be satisfied with a single woman.

Hii tu ni juu kuna pesa. Acha huyu msee asote ndio utaona drama. Ukiwa na doh ata your wife anaeza kukutaftia dame for a 3 some. Maskini hii sio yenu. Inaitwa lanes

Naye maskini bibi wawili utawapatia nini isipokua watoto

It’s about discipline and respect. Sometimes it’s better knowing your co-wives than keeping stressing worrying where he is when he is not with you. Hon Sudi has 3 and they live in peace. Ladies chanukeni, sharing is caring. 

True…umeongea kama wazee kumi.

There is a difference between a wife and a side chick.. a wife is there to stay with you bear you kids and to inherit
side chick is there to use you,your money and destroy your family or even you. Get the difference.


As long as everyone gets her share koz its even written biblically and law supports it

This is is about the size of wallet, the heavier the wallet, the more the women will cooperate .

That was a true Lion with his pride Face with tears of joy wish the children were there too.

Maina do you know side hujua sura ya mainchick na main chick hajui sura ya side chick

It used to be like that before this narrative of westernization was traded to us #MainaAndKingangi
Maryann Ythera (Gatundu finest)❤

So far he is capable of providing to both of them,i see no problem katambe .

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