Marriage is ‘Nipe Nikupe’ (Audio)

A lady called in on Friday and told Maina Kageni that she divorced her husband and after that happened, the man sent her two thousand shillings for a birthday cake for their child.

She said, “These men are the worst to deal with, immediately they give you small amount of money, they want to act all high and mighty.”

She said after he sent her the Sh2000, the next thing she saw was a long message of insults saying that she was ungrateful for not calling back to thank him for sending her money.

She said the money was meant to cater for their child’s birthday, and it is the only cash he had given her for the five years they have been separated.

Maina later met a guy who told him that Kenyan women are the most ungrateful people on earth.

He says no woman has ever thanked or appreciated their men for being the provider of their home.

Mwalimu claimed that the men are always grateful.

So today morning on Classic 105, the discussion was about how Kenyan women are ungrateful. One man sent a message and said that if Safaricom tell their customers thank you so should the Kenyan women.

A lady later on called in and said that “thank you is a word that most people ignore but it is very important in every marriage.”

She said that if you want your husband to appreciate you, then as a wife you should do that in return.

All these depends on how the couples relate to each other. If the couple does not respect each other, you call each other names in front of children, then there will be no peace and respect in that house.

She added that in some houses, the children do not have any respect for even their parents because of how they see their parents behaving.

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