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Marriage Is Indeed Not A Bed Of Roses! City Folk REVEAL The Pains Of Being Married (Funny Tweets)

For most, getting married means making a life-long commitment to the person you love.

But these people have a rather more tongue-in-cheek idea of what marriage actually means to them – from not having to shave their legs anymore, to being able to sit on the toilet with the door open.

Dozens of husbands and wives have been sharing their hilarious insight on what marriage is really like as the hashtag #BeingMarriedMeans sweeps across Twitter.

Many described having to put up with their other half’s annoying habits for the rest of their lives, with one person quipping: ‘If the toilet seat is left up there will be consequences’.

Another joked that being married means ‘allowing your wife to stick her ice cube feet against you when you’re trying to sleep’.


In fact, having to share a bed – and a duvet – was common problem mentioned by the Twitter users.

Others had more philosophical views on what marriage means to them, with one writing: ‘Hating someone so much you want to kill them. But love them too much to do it’.

Another had a less hopeful view on marriage, suggesting that the only possible options are parting in ‘death or divorce’ – ‘so don’t do it’.

In a similar vein, one described marriage as being ‘an institution of three rings’: ‘engagement ring’, ‘wedding ring’, and ‘suffering’.

And in one rather unnerving post, a Twitter user suggested being married means always having a ‘willing accomplice/ alibi.’

Here are the tweets that will make you think long and hard if you really want to jump the broom…


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