‘Marriage is difficult’ Kenyan Housewife reflects on husbands ‘madharau’

When a woman divulges serious stuff about her marriage, you best be sure she has had it and the next step could be walking away.

A housewife sobbed while detailing the struggles she endures in her marriage to a Kenyan man.

Nasty fights have led to a troubled marriage according to a confession she made on Classic 105.

She revealed things are not in a great place

‘Men sometimes provoke us women into doing bad things to them’

She has been shut down emotionally

I have been provoked in my marriage. He shows me madharau because he is the breadwinner, and he knows I can’t do anything.

The tension is her marriage is so bad she has contemplated hurting her man

I vumulia for my children’s sake, I really try to vumulia but aii it’s too much, men have stress they bring home and the wife too has stress, so things may happen.

Dear Classic 105 fam, if your marriage is going cold, how do you keep it real? Drop your comments below.

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