Is Marriage Good Or Bad For Your Health? Psychologists Reveal

The whole business of deciding to get married can be a minefield.

From finding ‘the one’ to choosing the right date, then picking the flowers, guests, venue, food, and more – there is no end to the tumult of questions.

Once you get past the ‘big day’, it may not be a breeze but it is certainly good for your health, according to decades of research.

Studies have shown married individuals are less likely to suffer from depression and have a lower risk of developing conditions like hypertension or high cholesterol.

However, the anxiety of the wedding can be overwhelming for some, and if you’re not with the right person who makes you thrive rather than flounder, married life can be suffocating.

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So for all those who are considering taking the plunge, now is the time to think about it as we plummet into engagement season.

A recent study by researchers from the University of Melbourne found that February 14 and days such as 9/9/99 or 1/2/03 are incredibly popular wedding dates with up to five times as many weddings than on comparable ordinary days.

On Valentine’s Day, millions of couples will propose.

Dr Jen Nash, clinical psychologist on behalf of Healthspan, offers some advice on what to consider before you say ‘yes’.

1. Do you find them attractive?

Whilst looks definitely aren’t the most important thing in a good match, most couples say that a physical spark or connection is key for ongoing physical intimacy.

2. Do you agree on the big things?

Children, where you’re going to live, finances… There are so many big issues you’ll face and disagree on – some of which you cannot even foresee. You might as well work out the things that are possible to discuss now.

3. Do you get on with his or her family?

Nightmare in-laws are something we can’t control, but if you can deal with their dramas or foibles, all the better

4. How do they respond in crisis?

Do they support you when you need it and in a way that really makes a difference?

5. Can you have a laugh together?

A shared sense of humor really helps with ongoing intimacy, especially as physical attraction may naturally start to wane.

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