Mariga and Joey Muthengi

MacDonald Mariga set to get married and the bride is not Joey Muthengi

Footballer star McDonald Mariga is getting married next year at an exclusive wedding ceremony in Spain — but not to Joey Muthengi.

Mariga is set to walk down the aisle mid next year in summer with the love of his life, the woman who sired his baby girl.

“He has a daughter with a mixed-race woman, Kenisha, and they are planning to get married in Spain in summer 2019,” a family member said, “and Victor Wanyama is the best man.”

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The source vehemently denied that Joey Muthengi is in a relationship with the football darling.

“I’m not sure why Joey has been lying to Kenyans and her fans,” the source, who requested anonymity, said.


‘Joey Muthengi is lying about relationship with Mariga,’ screams family member

Joey in an interview with SDE said come January, she will be jetting to Milan, Italy, to vacation with Mariga.

“Well, I will be moving to Italy in January for holiday. I think I need to get a good break for myself and so I can confirm to you that I will be in Milan for a while. The BetIn deal, whose shoot was in Italy, opened doors for me and given a chance I would still work with them.

“I don’t know where this (relationship) will take us. Ask Mariga.”

The irate family member said Joey’s trip to Italy is work-related and has nothing to do with a vacation with Mariga.


Another source told Word Is

“I met him on his last holiday in July with the sister Cynthia, his wife-to-be and kid in hand. Joey should come clean about the ‘relationship’. Using his fame for her own personal gain is wrong.We are tired of these slay queen girls trying to break up happy homes.”

Numerous calls and messages to Joey Muthengi went unanswered.

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