Man wears matching mermaid outfit for underwater maternity shoot


Fellas, would you wear a mermaid outfit to do pregnancy pictures with your babe?

This man did and it is so cute. The picture was shared by Twitter user Analizedahero who asked for opinions about it.

The confident guy really knows how to rock the outfit. The photoshoot telling us he would do absolutely anything to make his wife happy.

Here are reactions to the photo

If your daughter asked you to put on a tutu with her for dance recital would you do it?

“As a man”’is never a good way to start any statement.

???? He’s posing with his girl for their maternity shoot, I don’t understand the issue

It’s toxic to try to police what men can do by implying that they are less of a man for undertaking fun activities or wearing clothes that scare you. Shows you place a lot of stock in the unhealthy limits of “manhood” that patriarchy dictates. It makes u look fragile & insecure.

There is nothing wrong with a man wanting to be part of anything his woman is part of, and vice versa…stop assigning “rules” to genders. Let people do what they want to do…in peace.

What if it was his suggestion… then what? Let people do them.

But surely there’s nothing wrong with it – I mean if you can cool – obviously he felt comfortable with it – if the next man think so too then so be it .. I respect every mans choice . I wouldn’t be a block to someone’s happiness .. it’s all love and laughter..

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