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Man surprises wife with DNA test results on her birthday

A viral video of a birthday surprise gone wrong has elicited millions of comments.

She was expecting a vacation in Dubai, but surprisingly it was a DNA test result, as her boyfriend found out that the daughter he had all along thought was his, was sired by another man.

The woman in the video happily guesses whether the birthday present is a necklace or a trip to Dubai, only to be confused when she pulls out a stack of papers.

Her expression grows even more confused when she realizes that her man handed her a DNA test, and questioned again why he gave her the paperwork.

The man then tells the woman that he knows that her daughter is not his, and he gave them until the end of the month to get out of his house.

He gifted her the DNA test results on their daughter’s birthday.

Fear women… 😭😭😭#NaijaViralz

The reaction of social media users tells that men fear they may be raising children who are not theirs.


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