Man stabbed by Jealous wife ‘because he took too long doing the Christmas shopping’

A jealous wife stabbed her husband four times with a kitchen knife because he ‘took too long’ doing the Christmas shopping.

Stuart Simpson, 45, was attacked by Sonia Simpson, 52, at his home in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, in December last year.

The chef, who suffered a collapsed lung, said he ‘lost all confidence’ after ten years of abuse from Simpson.

He now hopes to encourage more men to speak out and report domestic violence.

Sonia Simpson, 52, stabbed Stuart Simpson four times with a kitchen knife because he 'took too long' doing the Christmas shopping in December last year

Mr Simpson said: ‘It’s sad that men feel they can’t get help. It’s such a taboo subject that it’s difficult for us to speak out about it.

‘When I was with Sonia, I felt like her behaviour was my fault and I’d caused it.

‘Now, I’ve realised that there was nothing I could have done and I want other men to realise there’s nothing to be ashamed of.’

Mr Simpson, from Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, suffered a collapsed lung in the attack 

Mr Simpson lived with his wife until October last year – when the couple split but agreed to stay friends.

He then invited his estranged wife to celebrate Christmas with him and his friend Stacey in his new house share.

He said: ‘I went into town while Sonia had some drinks with Stacey at home.

‘But it took me longer than anticipated due to the rush of last-minute shoppers.

‘By the time I arrived home five hours later, Sonia was raging.

‘She asked Stacey if she thought I was an idiot and, when Stacey disagreed, Sonia lunged at her and punched her in the face.

‘I grabbed Stacey and pushed her out of the room – protecting her from Sonia. But, as I shut the living door, I felt a sharp sensation in my back.

‘Moments later, I realised that Sonia had stabbed me so hard with a kitchen knife that the handle had snapped off.’

Dazed, Mr Simpson staggered into the hallway where he told Stacey to call the police.

He managed to trap Simpson in the living room by holding the door handle. Police officers and an ambulance arrived moments later.

Simpson was arrested and the chef was rushed to James Pagett Hospital in Norfolk.

Mr Simpson said: ‘At the hospital doctors told me I had a collapsed lung which was life-threatening. They inserted a drain into my chest to remove fluid.


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