Man shouts at wife about being ‘a gold digger’ as Maina Kageni listens in



Hiding assets in marriage is more common than most women expect.

Could your husband be hiding financial assets?

Sneaky ways men hide financial assets from their partners in the event of a divorce or death was discussed on the morning show.


An angry husband called in and instructed his wife to listen in as he confessed to Maina that he hides money and assets from her and she won’t lay a finger on it – EVER.

‘Maina let me tell you, she is here listening, siwezi mpatia kitu.’

According to experts, this is the highest form of infidelity in marriage – not being open about money.

The husband continued saying that

I am in my house and wife is here you should see how she is looking at me, we were listening to you talk about financial assets.unachoma maina, let me tell you Maina, last week we went to bury a guy who had passed on, he had a first wife who had deserted him with kids, so he married a second wife and she took in the kid for the first wife, and when the guy died the first wife came back after she learnt there is possible compensation, and she says she doesn’t recognize the second wife who has been taking care of the kid she took in six years. If you have wealth keep it a secret, my wife is hearing me say this, it is not a secret because these peole are here purely for what you have, sasa kama huyo alirudi after six years so women are there because of what you’ve got in your pocket, I feel nothing that my wife is here listening to me tell you this, she deserves nothing’ 

The opinionated husband stunned Maina who exclaimed, ‘Ngai ngai ebu listen to this mad guy’.


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