She never showed up on our wedding day only to resurface carrying another man’s baby

A city man was left heartbroken after his woman disappeared on their wedding day, only to resurface and inform him she was pregnant for another man.

According to her, she was not ready to blackmail her hubby to take care of another man’s kid, hence the disappearing act.


He says

“It was in the second year of our relationship that we decided to get married. We started putting plans together and buying the stuff couples usually buy when they want to spend their lives together. It wasn’t so long then I lost my job.

Searching for a new job became more important to me than our preparations for marriage. I must admit, my joblessness sometimes made me undecisive but I was so sure we were going to get married immediately I got a job.

She understood me. She tried to help in many ways she could. At some point she told me; “I have some money, let’s use that to get married but promise me you’ll pay back immediately you get back on your feet again.”

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I didn’t like the idea because I wasn’t so sure when I was going to get back on my feet again. So I told her, “We are not going anywhere and we are not getting too old eigther. Let’s wait and be sure of the future before we take the next step.”

It wasn’t easy but very soon I got a new job. It wasn’t paying so well but it was better than nothing. I worked hard and with her help, we started putting things together again to ensure we got married very soon.”

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He goes on to narrate that despite things being tough, he eventually got a job and things started falling into place.

Two weeks before the traditional wedding, she got sick and that is when things went from bad to worse.


“Two weeks before the traditional wedding, she fell sick. She was visiting the hospital very often and mostly got withdrawn. At some point, I wasn’t sure she could go through with the marriage and even asked for it to be postponed but she said everything would be alright. 

A day before the wedding, I couldn’t see her. I was busy running around and putting things in order to receive our guests the next day. I called to see her in the evening but something came up so we couldn’t meet.

But we spoke at length later that night to be sure both of us were ready. I told her; “I can’t wait to finally say ‘I do’ to you.” She only giggled and said something I’ve forgotten.”


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He goes on to narrate

“Family and friends had gathered to witness the marriage ceremony but something was missing. The girl’s mother was not there. Later, the father got up to go and fetch her and he too took forever to return. I could sense in my spirit that something was wrong but couldn’t lay hands on what was.

The father returned after close to an hour. He called my parents and head of the family aside. For close to fifteen minutes they were in closed discussion. I could see strains of anger, confusion and sadness on the faces of my family. My mom turned to look at me. I was getting anxious. My dad walked out and signalled me to follow him.

He said, “The woman has changed her mind. She said she’s no more interested in the marriage because of some issues they can’t explain now.”



As a man he was expected to keep his head high and that he did, but frankly his heart was breaking into a million pieces.

“I felt my heart was going to explode in my chest. I was confused. I was embarrassed and wished I could disappear. I didn’t want to break down in full glare of our guests. I gathered some strength and left the scene. I don’t know what happened next or what was said to the guests, they started walking out in groups and talking loudly to one another

It was like a movie or dream that didn’t make sense. Her phone was off and her parents wouldn’t tell me where she was. I held my phone all night hoping she might call to tell me something. No call. No sign of her”

Then came the bombshell

“The next day she came to see me with her father and the father broke the news to me; “We are sorry for what happened yesterday.

The embarrassment was huge on both of us but nothing happens without a reason. Our daughter here is pregnant and the news is, you are not the one responsible.”Said her dad

I have come to terms with it now though it almost crushed me, he finished.




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