Man kills niece because of loud music

A 16-year-old girl was gunned down by her uncle after she refused to turn down her loud music.

Rehana Bibi was killed in her home in the village of Matan Kallaan, in Punjab province, Pakistan, after defying her uncle’s demands to lower the volume on her tape-recorder.

‘Two bullets were fired at the girl. One hit her in the head while the other on her face. She died on the spot,’ a police official told local media.

It is believed that the uncle came home and found the girl playing loud music and then asked her to turn it down, she refused and it is believed that an arguement ensured afterwards before he shot her.

The girl’s body was found by her father upon returning home, to which he reported to the police.

The suspect is still at large as he fled and the police have launched a manhunt for him.

Source : Daily mail

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