Sad! Sad! Sad News! Man In Makueni Lynched For Killing His Three Month Old Son

A baby is a blessing to most parents. They are a source of joy and pride for many families because it a new addition to the home. That may mean more mouths to feed but the investment is most times borne in the future. But sometimes there some babies who are victims of sheer insanity and cruelty as the next story demonstrates.

A man was lynched on Wednesday afternoon for attacking his 26-year-old wife and killing their three-month-old son over a disagreement. The 40-year-old man locked himself up with his newly wedded wife and their son in their house at Ngoluni Market in Makueni County, before attacking his family.

Couple fighting


Mbooni East OCPD Peter Njeru spoke about the incident describing what had transpired between the man and his wife. He divulged that the the man and his wife had been quarreling, before the man chopped his wife’s right hand. He said:

“He then transferred his anger to his three-month-old son, whom he cut on the forehead, gorging out an eye, before he set their rented house on fire with the intent to end all their lives.”

When members of the public were alerted to the ensuing fracas they heroically broke into the house through a window to save the family, but the man confronted them with his machete. But the good Samaritans were not to be defeated by one solitary man, as they chased the man and beat him to death.

Sadly the story did not have a storybook ending for the infant as the child died while undergoing treatment at Kisau Health Centre. The woman was rushed to Makueni Level 4 Hospital. The bodies of the man and his baby were taken to Makueni Level 4 Hospital mortuary.

Sad what uncontrolled aggression can lead to!

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