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Kibera man fighting for his life after his phone exploded while charging near his bed

A Kibera man is nursing serious burns at Kenyatta National Hospital after a mobile phone plugged into a charger exploded in his bed as he slept.

Jackson Mwaniki who lives alone, was found unconscious and badly burnt in his house by a neighbour, who rushed to his house after seeing smoke emanating from the house.

According to The Nairobian, Mwaniki’s mum Mary Kabuu stated that it was only by sheer luck that a neighbour noticed smoke billowing from the house and went to find out what was happening, otherwise it could have been tragic.


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Mwaniki’s mobile phone allegedly exploded while he was asleep, sparking a fire. The mother says

“It happened as he slept and he didn’t know what was happening. He woke up only to find himself choking and burning,The doctor has assured us that the burns were not deep, and that he will be okay,”

Doctors suspect the victim could have suffered a perforated eardrum following the explosion.

“He is still under assessment, we had to stabilise him first,” one of the nurses attending to the patient said

It is not yet confirmed which brand of phone Mwaniki was using and how long he is likely to stay in hospital.

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