‘I am in my 50’s yet i lay a new woman from my facebook DM every weekend’ City man brags to Maina Kageni:Audio

During the morning show by Maina Kageni a caller boasted about how it is easy to get women to lay through  social media platforms.

The man who is in his 50’s argues that it is easy to trap a woman given that most of the women on social media are willing to do anything to live a good life.

Man holding another woman's hands behind his girlfriends back

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He says

“This DM (direct messages)things really work it has really made it easy for men .i am above 50 years old and for every 5 DMS I send i get three replies with their numbers and by the weekend i end up with one of them in bed.

It works very well for us singles,i was in a relationship and i have kids but i am divorced ,i even stopped dating because its now very easy to choose from all this women .


The girls i end up with on the weekend is just for casual sex,in my profile i look like a rich man thus i attract women,all you have to do is to portray yourself like you have money and they fall for it.If you look at my profile photo you would think i am a very rich person but i am not.”

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He adds

“I started picking them up  almost 4years ago after i walked out of my relationship and for the last three years i have had different women every weekend.”

Another caller added

“I get 10plus inbox messages and most of them are from ladies and its up to me to weigh,thats why i keep telling you guys msioe mapema”

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