Shock and grief in Kisumu after man is found dead in a bar in Manyatta

A drinking spree turned tragic for a man Kisumu after he was found dead in the bar where he had gone to grab a few drinks.

The young man whose body was discovered on the floor of a bar in Manyatta had been drinking for many hours  and police are still investigating the cause of his death.

 According to The Standard Witnesses at the scene claimed that the man had been drinking overnight and suspect that he may have died due to excessive consumption of over alcoholic spirit whose bottle was found on the table where he sat form more than eight hours.
According to Elvis Oketch a witness of the sad incident the man had been seen seated in  isolation and ordering drinks with lots of spirit

“We suspect that he died in the morning after over drinking the spirit”said Elvis Oketch a witness.The man was seen seated in isolation ordering lots of the spirit.”

Other witness claimed that he appeared to have been stressed as he continued to consume the drink. It was not clear why the bar employees allowed him to drink until morning and never raised an alarm even when he fell on the floor from where his body was discovered in the morning.
He said

“He appeared to have been still alive at around 7 am. He was groaning as he lay on the floor and people thought he had blacked out, only to find that he was already dead,”

Kisumu Central OCPD, Mr Mutune Maweu could not be reached for comment but a senior officer coordinating the investigations said.

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