Is Your Man A Fisi? Ladies Here Are The Top 6 Signs That You May Be Dating One

Seems like as years go by, new breed of men and women always pops up to either replace the existing ones or rather to outsmart them. I prefer calling the whole re branding process, metamorphosis.

I mean as much as it is a sin and a taboo, sex before marriage became a norm till we started encouraging safe sex. It all shifted to infidelity in relationships to older men and women preying on the youngings.

The youngings learnt and perfected the trade, and, in came team mafisi and mafisilets who are the current breed, which is controlling the ‘game’. Funny thing being a fisi in the society is regarded way cooler than being single. I mean, who wouldn’t fancy a cheeky guy or chic who dribbles past few lovers and still manage to keep them all happy?

Let’s talk about Team Mafisi shall we?

This article is inspired by a Facebook user (Shiliz Nganga) who decided to take the bull by it’s horns and warn her fellow sisters on how to spot a fisi from a far. Should I say, hiding, camouflaged by a bush?

Anyway, the pretty lass highlighted a total of six simple but effective characteristics these fisis have and well honestly, I concur with her.

From their timings on when to, or, not check up on you, to how he keeps a clean record to avoid being busted by his other twendi fae chics.

Check out her list below.

1.You only see the guy once every few weeks for a few hours or less.
2.He never calls and when you call he never picks. He’s a text only kind of person (players way of communication)
3.He hides his last seen on WhatsApp and some fisis go to an extreme of removing the blue tick option ndio msijue kama alisoma text zenyu (his victims)
4. His trucallers availability option is off.
5. He changes plans last minute after keeping you waiting, sometimes for hours.
6.His phone is always on silent and upside down on the table mkiwa pamoja

Do you think there’s more to add onto the list?

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