‘My wife brought her lover into our house pretending he is an orphan’all i want is to kill her’ Angry city man narrates

Women have gone to dangerous extremes just with an aim to keep the men in their lives disregarding the damage it might cause in the process.

It is not uncommon for married couples to bring in their relatives to live with them as a way of helping them as they try to better their lives.

A city man has found out he was duped after realizing that the young man brought to their home by his wife was not an orphan but rather her lover.

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He wrote

“My wife brought in a boy into our house last 4 years and claimed that he was an orphan who his parents abandoned, I personally adopted him and made him mine,this boy us 19 years ,I took him like my own son and even sent him to the university.
But recently I just found out that my wife has been sleeping with him, not just that but he is the father of our 2 kids . The boy recently confessed to me with tears and he committed suicide. His body is in the mortuary now . My wife does not know I know ,every one is still here sympathetic with us ,as I watch my wife cry and act like she lost a child .”

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He goes on to add that the voices in his heard are pushing him to revenge but he is not sure if its the right thing.

“A lot of things are going through my mind ,Something is telling me to strangle her over night. Another is telling me to bury her alive while another is saying I should hurt those things. My head is full and I refuse the devil to use me ,So I just packed few bags and checked into a hotel .”

He concludes by stating that he does not think he will ever forgive her

“I need help ,I am losing it,I am running mad .I am ashamed to talk to my family or friends. I keep asking myself if I am impotent.I can’t just divorce her without a massive punishment, this is beyond pardon don’t ask me to forgive..”

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