Man finds out he’s been sending fare to a married woman he’s never met


Men are not being spared by women when it comes to kula fare.

One such man amused Maina Kageni when he explained that he has been sending mpesa, and credit to a woman he has been after.

This was revealed in a morning discussion about men who can’t take rejection from women.

Maina was disgusted that men can’t take no for an answer, but co host King’angi insisted a man must be persistent and pursue whatever woman he wants until she says yes.

Mwalimu said ‘as a man you just can’t be rejected na uende, you have to keep trying mpaka aiigne ka system” But Maina asked ‘why can’t you take rejection and go away?”

“As a man you have to keep pushing until it happens’ Kingangi retorted.

This is when a man called in with his story of rejection and humiliation

“In 2016 there was this dame I katiad for almost one to two years only to find out that she is married. I was so devastated lakini. I came to find out she had a family yet alikua ananikataa lakini nikaendelkea kumtumia data na credit niendelea na hiypo form na hakuingia box na haonyeshi hanitaki hata kunihug bado sijawahi onja asali.”

He added “I found out she is married with children on social media when she shared a picture ati ‘happy family life’.I was shocked and took my L’. Yni two years I have sent her data, credit and mpesa na ilikulwa”

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