Man finds out baby isn’t his months after spoiling woman rotten


An excited dad to be found out the unborn child he was expecting with a side piece wasn’t his in the most unfortunate way.

His story has been recounted by a girlfriend he was cheating on, who left people in stitches.

Twitter user @BusiMabute wrote

“My boyfriend “got “another woman pregnant, and had been spoiling her through out the pregnancy. Went all out with baby’s luxurious needs.
And organized damage payments, on that week he blocked me. He done all of this behind my back.

All to find out he’s not the father.”

She  continued with her narration

“Thinking of how stupid I looked I looked around his family and friends all this time, with them knowing what’s going on. When I found out, I started remembering some confusing discussions that I once heard that never made sense back then. I started picking up things”boyfriend-cheats

Ahaaa he got what he deserves

You serve a living God


shame on him, he got what he deserved

Serves him so right, what a nice karma always working on behalf of “good honest faithful women” May it continue to deal with all of them cheating and hurting women this way

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