‘All I have is pure hate for her’ City man narrates how his ex texted his mother asking her to take back her broke son after he lost his job

You have probably heard the phrase filisika uone tabia za mkeo, which in lay mans language means go broke and see what your wife is made of.

During the morning show on Classic 105, Maina gave his fans a chance to contribute to the topic on why some people walk away only to resurface when things start looking up.

The debate came about after David Malelu an 84 year man came back to his 75 year old wife after walking out on her 46 years ago only to resurface with Ksh 500 and dirty laundry.

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Malelu walked out in the year 1972 and went to Tanzania with his lover only to return to his wife in his sunset years.

Here is what Kenyans had to say;

“Love fades away when a woman walks away and that is why I wont welcome her back even if she returns,not even in my dream.Never.”

Another says,

“When you go broke these ladies disappear to nowhere, when you start doing good and they hear of your success they want to reappear,who still does that?”

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A male caller narrated how his ex wife left him at his lowest only to reappear now that he is doing good. The sad part is that she is causing havoc hauling insults at the new wife at every given point.

“In 2006 I was dating this lady and we were doing ok given that i had a job but she did not have one. Two years down the line after she cleared campus she got a job  but i was still the one taking care of the bills after all it was my house.

Sadly after two years i lost my job and that is where drama started because i could  only sustain rent for six months as i hustled for a new job.”

He goes on to narrate how his woman changed for the worst only to leave him at a time he needed her the most.

“She started coming home late she used to go out from Friday only to resurface on Sunday evening, as a man i couldn’t take it anymore so i told her if this is how things were going to be between us it was better to separate.

The next morning she moved out with all that she had,for me i decided to go back to ushago so that I could put my life in order, texted my mum and told her that her broke son is now in the village so she should prepare on how she will start taking care of me.

Fast forward four years later she has come back and I do not even know where she got my current wife’s number she has been hurling insults at her,she even started created a What’s App group consisting of me,my current wife and her this is where she posts all the bile posts she deems fit.”


Maina Kageni asked him if he has moved on and he answers to the affirmative

“Four years down the line she is now causing drama saying that she wants to come back,I now have a family and a son and I have a better job. Thr next thing I plan on doing is to get her arrested .Men make mistakes with the first wife and live to regret for the rest of their lives but most women opt to walk out because they are young and naive.”

He concludes

“When you start doing well is when they show up asking themselves if they threw away gold looking for stones’I have warned her to keep off so the next time I will just throw her in.All I have in my heart is pure hate.”

A female fan candidly admits that she wouldn’t resurface if there is nothing worth resurfacing for.

“I will only resurface kama kuna kitu ya kunyonya if hakuna unarudi kufanya nini?there is no lady who resurfaces to a hustler?”

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