The marathoner hugging his wife

Man explains why Kalenjin men don’t hug or live with wives

Tradition still plays a big role in the life of athlete Eliud Kipchoge as described by a close family friend.

A man, called in to the Classic morning show to dispel rumors why Kipchoge didn’t hug his wife with as much enthusiasm as expected by Kenyans.

It’s a small thing, you must realize this, Kipchoge was running at 21.4 km per hour, this is a human being he does not have breaks, how was he to slow down, was it through the hug? He could have knocked down the wife, and we didn’t want casualties.

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What exactly does this have to do with his culture?


Kipchoge comes from the Kalenjin community, a sub tribe called Nandi, clan called Talai.Talai people do not live with their wives. They are not supposed to stay with their wives In fact if it were not for that plan given by the billionaire which came directly to Kapseret because the wife had the chance to get a free lift to Vienna the wife could not have gone to Vienna with the children. Even the mother to Kipchoge remained at home she was watching at home so in this case you are only blaming us for nothing surely about this hug, It is the custom first of all this was the first marathon the wife watched live, she is not supposed to accompany (in our tribe we say) when you are going to war there are two things we are not supposed to do: you are not supposed to accompany yourself with a wife, that one is a bad omen or when you go to war and then you find a woman in your way you are supposed to run away


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Is this really a thing in this century asked Maina in disbelief?

Kipchoge was in line with the customs and that is why he has gone that far If Kipchoge could have been accompanying with the wife this long he would be nothing

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What does he mean when he says that men from that clan don’t live with their wives?

Did you ever hear of Nandi freedom fighter Koitalel Arap Samoei? That was a very superpower clan in our community. Kipchoge by the way can even know if he is going to win or not. That is why the INEOS 159 challenge was so obvious to him. So those people when they are doing their own thing (I don’t want to disclose too much) they are not supposed to stay with their wives.

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