Man eats Sh12million banana art exhibit taped to a wall


A man was swiftly arrested after he ate a Sh12million banana exhibit taped to the wall of an art gallery.

The hilarious moment went down in Miami with revelations that the banana was to be sold for 120,000 dollars.

A crowd of stunned onlookers shared videos of the moment.

“I really love this installation. It’s very delicious,” David Datuna (the man who ate it) wrote on Instagram, alongside a video showing the aftermath of his stunt.
It’s a banana. Get over it

im gonna say it

that 120k duct tape banana money laundering bullshit makes all other art look bad, makes all of us look like frauds, and probably the entire reason people don’t take art and artists seriously
Cost of banana 2 dollars. cost of duct tape: 3 dollars. Price of banana with duct tape: 120,000 dollars. Conclusion for research: We need a deeper theory of markups (and entry in the banana plus duct tape market).
Even if you make minimum wage you would only need to work 4 years and 8 months to afford this banana.

If you don’t own a duct tape banana that is on you.
Seriously, someone needs to look into the absurdity of this..

No one spend $120,000 for a banana and duct tape.

Not even a multimillionaire…

Unless he or she is moving money for bogus tax deductions or money laundering.
How many people could pay off their student loans with this banana duct tape money?

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