Man discovers he slept with his own mother in wifes revenge plan

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

One man was horrified when he discovered he had mistakenly slept with his mother without realizing it.

The mans experience was recounted by a friend on classic 105, in a tale that tickled many.

He confessed that the incident was as a result of the mans bad habit of bedding the house maid late at night as his wife slept.

He used to sleep with housegirls and the woman of the house planned his downfall after the housegirl told her she had a confession.

The maid told the lady of the house that ‘there is something I want to tell you mum and please don’t tell daddy (the names she used to refer to her employer and the husband) so she said if I tell you the truth please don’t chase me coz I don’t have anywhere to go. He used to come to my bedroom everyday, and he even gave me double the salary, so the affair went on.

So the lady wanted to know what exactly happens, and the maid said that ‘he told me to sleep without clothes so it’s easier for him to do it.

The wife got upset with this information andd plotted her husbands downfall. She convinced the maid to exchange places so that the drunk husband could fall for the trap.

True to form, the drunk husband slipped inside the maids room, did his thing and left to go sit in the living room.

The wife was shocked how much stamina the husband has for the maid but not for her.

The saddest incident happened, when one day the mans mother came visiting. His mother was given the maids room, and the wife did not warn her husband (remember the husband all along thinks the wife doesn’t know what he has been doing with the maid). So the drunk husband comes home late again, and makes his way to the maids room. He doesn’t notice anything and sleeps with the woman in the room.

The wife the next morning then told the man that he shouldn’t leave the house because his mother arrived last night. She further informs him that his mother is asleep in the maids room, and so he should wait to see her.

The man then realized that he had slept with his own mother, and the shock was too much.

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