Man dates 35 women simultaneously just to get many birthday gifts



A Japanese man is trending online after he was arrested for fraud for dating 35 women to get a steady flow of gifts throughout the year.

Police arrested 39-year-old Takashi Miyagawa for serial dating with the belief there may be more women roped into his fraud scheme.

The charges are said to be a serious crime in Japan as he led them to believe he was serious about dating each of them.

Mainichi Broadcasting Systems reported. that each woman gave him gifts costing around 100,000 yen in gifts, or Sh99,976 that came in the form of money, gifts and clothes.

RnB singer John Legend reacted amused that he scammed so little,

 @johnlegend….. I’m disappointed in the total value of his haul. $926 total from 35 women. He was getting office secret santa level gifts here.
Another amused man @MarionTiger replied to the story under the comments saying@Phil_Lewis_So I guess he didn’t get them birthday gifts too? You can date 20 people, but you can’t give 20 birthdays? Same amount of gifts. Maybe he just wanted to share a special day with each sucker, er… lady.
Another wrote in amusement

 @SoundzFrmRonto..My only question is, did they not have a good time when they went out with him lol? Imo, they messed up, if this manimal could entertain 35 women, imagine if one of those women fought to be number 1 tho. Smdh

The Japanese police found investigated after the women filed a complaint and then went on to form a “victims association,” and spoke to authorities last February. He reportedly met at least 35 of his victims through his job at a marketing company, which sells shower products.


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