KOT reacts after man is arrested for having intercourse at Uhuru Park

A Nairobi man was on Monday arrested for having intercourse at Uhuru park and was asked to pay a fine of Ksh1500 or face jail time for one month.

Kenyans on Twitter could not keep calm over the news. The Twittersphere was on fire.

Some of the netizens went ahead to support him saying that Uhuru Park was better than paying for a lodging.

Well, Kenyans had a lot to say concerning this topic.


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Some of the savage tweets read,

pamphil matsekhe :  :1,500/- only? Cheaper than a lodging in town! Does this deter the vice?

William Masiga‏: Finally sentencing that makes sense. I was waiting to see 10 years in jail or Ksh 10m fine.

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