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Mama Dangote denies pampering Uncle Shamte with money

Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sandrah has denied claims that she gives her men money to keep them in their relationships.

She said she is a naive village girl who does not believe in bribing men with money and other incentives for their love.

She added that women have been trying to woo her man Uncle Shamte with money in vain.

This came after random fans who had commented on one of her photos with Shamte on Instagram.

One of the followers identified as Bill Fiasco said Shamte will never leave Sandrah because the latter has been pampering him with money and good life.

”Because you are the one who always bribes that man. Therefore, it will be quite hard for him to leave you. Maybe when you go broke, he will leave.”

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Mama Dangote
In a quick rejoinder, Sandrah said;

”My dear, I do not bribe men. I am not one of those old rich women in town, I am an old naive one from rural areas who love being bribed instead. Women who bribe their men have a problem. Some have even tried to bribe my husband with TSh 600k in vain. I split the money with Shamte,” Sandrah wrote.

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