Malik Obama with Barak Obama in the past

Malik Obama was Barack’s best man at former president’s wedding – Larry Madowo

Malik Obama, Barrack Obama’s step-brother has been trending online. The reason? He shared a fake birth certificate online that “proved” that Barak was born in the Mombasa, Kenya and not in the USA-a favourite topic for conspiracy nutjobs.

Malik Obama

Malik’s recent side-show continues the attacks he has been dishing out on the former US president that have many amazed.

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Even Auma Obama called him out on Twitter writing;

That wasn’t all, other Kenyans decided to close ranks around Auma with Larry Madowo adding the killer punch when he posted an image of Malik and Obama.

Larry Madowo vacationing
Larry Madowo smiling

Madowo’s caption explained that the photo had been taken at Obama’s wedding to Michelle.  In the Twitter post shared by the former NTV journalist, he dismissed the birth certificate saying it has been circulating on social media for years.

“The ‘birth certificate’ Malik is resharing has been floating around the internet for years and is an obvious forgery. But Malik has made a name for himself in American conservative circles by being the anti-Obama. Yet Malik was Barack’s best man when he married Michelle,” wrote the journalist.

Obama and Michelle on their wedding day
Barak and Michelle on their wedding day

Many Kenyans in the comment section agreed with that sentiment and posited that Malik had been paid to undermine his brother with others opining that he might be jealous of his younger brother’s success.

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