Makena Njeri with Michelle Ntalami

I was trolled every morning for 3 months for living my truth-Gay actress Makena Njeri

Former BBC Journalist, Makena Njeri has been revealing a lot about herself this year. The stylish lady who came out as gay earlier this month has now opened up on her relationship with Michelle Ntalami that has been the subject of a lot of speculation by a section of Kenyans.

Makena Njeri with Michelle Ntalami

She explained this in a well-written post, with Makena narrating how Kenyans had gone after her for 3 long months for being herself.

“Off course this period can not come to an end before I thank the one and only Michelle 💎 Meehhnnn we have been through it all and just like I said I can never say the whole story on one post but slowly over time. I remember when I was trolled every morning for 3 months for living my truth and I was so scared of what the universe will say or do you were always there to remind me of who I am,” said Makena in part.

“I am gay, I am unique and this is my truth” Makena Njeri finally comes out

The former actress went on to say that their relationship and friendship had been questioned so many times.

“Our relationship and friendship was questioned so many times and you were dragged on the mud together with me so many times but not once did you fail to stand by me. Thank you for being a true friend through it all and when the idea of starting a company that will help other people like me to live their truth Boldly you were there through the discussions and when the time was right you held me down and who would have ever asked for a better person to come up with such a beautiful work of art a creative logo skillfully curated by you and a world-class website that many have praised since we launched,” shared Ms Makena.

She finished off by saying, “For sure everyone needs a solid friend like Michelle and today I raise you one 🥂. I celebrate you for who you have been to me and the footprints you have left with your beautiful heart towards people in the queer community. I thank you and @boldnetworkafrica will forever speak about you and remind generations of the person you are. Where you are today I salute you Michelle keep living your truth fiercely and I will always have your back.”

Michelle responded with an equally touching message writing,

“There is no other way to love other than deeply and boldly, and @boldnetworkafrica is a true testament to this. To have my touch in it forever is a true honor. Soar with it, and let love be your guiding light. I will always walk with you. 💎”

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