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‘We make them vibrate’ Boda boda guys reveal why women love them

The morning conversation was based on whether boda boda guys are a curse or a blessing in the society and that they are responsible for 60% pregnancies.

Here is what one caller had to say

Maina I am a boda boda guy and all the things they are saying are true.

We put gear 1 so that the nduthi can vibrate and the women get excited and they start touching us.I am a young man but I can not even get married .

King’ang’i even if I carry your wife she will not even sleep at your house she will only want me.

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That vibration gives them a s#xual urge.

We putting big and puffy jackets is a non issue because eventually tutatoa helmet tukichukua pesa and she will be like ‘Oh my God so this angel was the one carrying me?

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Another adds

Maina these guys are a nuisance,my sister who is ion form two is pregnant for one.Can you believe he had even taken her to get an abortion,yet she is only 16.

Another adds

I am a former boda guy and I was called a professor because of the ease at which I got women.

The theory about boda’s creating a vibration for women is true.When you are riding in gear 4-5 there is a vibration and the whole thing creates magic.

I do not support those who are going after under age girls but for the married women its their choice.In two years I slept with 15 women repeatedly because they used to come back.

There was no attachment so I am not in communication with them anymore.

What’s your best or worst boda boda experience?Put your answer in the comment section.


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