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Maisha Ndani Ya Yesu: See How Gospel singer Amani has transformed

Since releasing her first gospel single  ‘Jina Lake Yesu’, we’ve been keeping up with her and her journey to salvation.

Songbird and businesswoman Amani has also been off the market since last year when it is said she married her her love, Chinasa Udeala, in a private wedding.


Amani Singer
Back when Amani was a secular artiste

Back when she was a secular artiste Amani donned short attire, but recently in an interview, she admits that that has changed, and we are here for it. Her photos say she is living her best life.

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And aside from being a songstress, she’s also a successful businesswoman with a famous hair brand named Diva Luxury, which also takes up her focus and time.




Anyway, as far as we can tell, Amani is doing fantastic, in her music, business and personal life.

In addition she continues to grace us on our TV screens on talk shows and on radio interviews. we can’t wait to hear more amazing and touching music.

000000000000amani on talk central

Cecilia Wairimu better known as her stage name ‘Amani’, has been in the limelight in the music industry since 1999 until now.



Amani, who switched from secular music and crossed over to the gospel side of the industry alongside Wahu and Size 8, is one of the most decorated female musicians in our country.

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And ofcourse we’ll be keeping up with her on social media, watching out for collaborations with other gospel artists in the industry and listening to her on Songa.


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