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Ladies just take care of your men, ni venye saa hii kuna corona! Mwalimu King’ang’i says

In today’s morning conversation, Maina Kageni spoke on an issue that is little spoken about in Kenya-The subject of women who support their men financially.

“Today we are talking about women who provide for their men,” the host said. Adding, “It’s a hard time for everyone you can wait for your wife to feed you na wewe uko tu kwa nyumba.”

His co-host Mwalimu King’ang’i himself said, “Ladies just take care of your men, ni venye saa hii kuna corona.”

Mwalimu’s response prompted Maina to ask why men would give up so easily? “Why do men give up that easily? and ladies how pissed off do you get when you see that behavior?”

Read the comments from Kenyans who responded to his question below;

Let’s be honest which woman wouldn’t support a man she loves? Many are doing it under the table.. now this pandemic time it’s diff.. even the most responsible men have found themselves not able to fulfill their duties . Why would I not step in? I am a helper right?

Mwalimu mmi nikae mtaa mama Ani providie,. Ziii I can’t. Cz utaishi kuimbiwa iyo kitu till last minute yako.

Maina nikubaya…am talking out of experience…if you loose a job hapa nje ni ngumu kupata hustle ingine… Wakati corona ilianza I stayed jobless for 3 months, na sio kutafuta sikuwa natafuta, ata mjengo haipatikani, I had no capital to start even a small hustle.

A man should; 1.Provide 2.Protect & 3.penetrate ruthlessly. Etc

Hizo siku zingine sikuwa tunawalisha? Sasa si pia yeye anilishe. Kama mimi nikulala tu nangoja atafute pesa ya chakula.

It’s interesting men should man up tafta kazi ata kama it’s not your profession feed your family not the other way round only allowed if you are so sick or unable to work apo ndio unapata most families break up due to circumstances of lazy men.

It’s not advisable for a man to stay n be fed by his wife not unless you so sick or unable to work due to different circumstances if you able to work at any situation kazi ni kazi no so man up na muache upuzi apo ndio unapata wife na mtu na uwezi Fanya anything.

This man is not jobless. He can make a very good comedian. He’s sleeping on his talent.

Mimi nilifanya kazi for one year yeye akiwa tu hapo. I tried my best mpaka akarudi kwa mama yake akalishwe uko. Mimi nilishindwa.

Vehemently lies Maina, a woman who can’t feed her man for more than one month and still have heart again to continue, I totally disagree.

Do your research. There are women with big hearts out there.

A man should provide for his family no matter what! Lazy corona men will say hakuna kazi but a man who’s determined to provide for his family will even go an extra mile and do any hustle however little he gets, women respect them.

Pesa ya bibi ni tamu family wakitumia so don’t blame men saaaana.

Aki shida ni mtu hataki kuonekana amerudi chini labda aliongea vibaya kuhusu the side hustle jobs.

Every woman who has such a man can we look for a place, lock them in alafu tuwapee nyahunyo until they can’t use their sitting apparatus.

If the wife is earning nothing wrong her providing.

It’s in order, tulikula kiapo for better for worse 24/7, so let the wife feed his family.

Mbona mnaona boychild kufeediwa na wife ikiwa tricky but vice versa ni normal.

The only woman who can feed you and not complain or tell the whole world is your mother! I as a man can only feed myself and my mother!

Maina I said it before and I will say it again, is it so hard for a well-off brother to help out 3 unfortunate brothers. Unfortunately, those who are well-off wait for the opportunity to snatch the wives and families of their less fortunate counterparts. Men help Men. That’s it.

Nairobi imegeuka shamba la wanyama.

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