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You think you are players, your women are the coaches! Maina Kageni warns Kenyan men

On Thursday morning, Maina Kageni spoke about a topic that would inevitably get many men apoplectic. Mr. Kageni brought up the issue of women having other men who they deal with other than their men that aren’t strictly platonic.

Every Kenyan woman has an office husband. There is a man for money, for feeling good, for validation and that man isn’t you. You ain’t all that. You think you are the players, your women are the coaches. I have a very good friend and I know the wife’s other man. But I don’t interfere in others’ affairs. 

The sensitive nature of the conversation was troubling even for Mwalimu King’ang’i who was unhappy with the topic Maina had chosen, even telling him, “I already have a head-ache. You are starting World War 3.”

The responses were to be unexpected with some men going ape-sh!t with some others confirming what Maina had said. Most women on the other hand agreed with Maina’s assertion but said that he shouldn’t let some ignorant men in on that truth.

Check out some of the comments from Kenyans below:

What nonsense is this I am hearing on Classic 105… Eti Nairobi women have another man they confide in and tell all their problems yet they have husbands Man gesturing ok.

These women have that one man they go to when things are not okay in the relationship anaenda kuambiwa. They have men that make them happy.

“I could never share anything with my ex but I had someone who used to listen to me and I could talk to him anytime.

Maina its true! I have one guy I call when my husband stresses me out. He has always been there for me.

Whatever you are saying Maina is the truth. A lot of women open up to me and she will tell you all her problems.

This is the look in the men when they hear their women talk about the other guy’s apart from them 

It’s true coz these men have become so busy to an extent that they feel when they provide for you and give you money then you are not supposed to be complaining. They forget the emotional bit which is very important. They don’t have time for family talk.

Good morning my brother. Today’s discussion, but what about a man being his wife’s best friend then husband? Why do they need some other shoulders out there? Don’t we have shoulders? This gender!!

Aki this gender but it is what it is. Whether they sugar coat it or not. Life has to go on. It’s a two-way traffic. #MainaAndKingangi did you watch the video that trended of a man bring killed for infidelity?!

Good morning Maina, I’m just taking notes. Maina are those *men* benefiting from our ladies?

Maina we cant avoid nature but accept matokeo. It’s true that woman have spare tires out there so as the car does. Why don’t men look for theirs too….This a free world hakuna makasiriko. Utakufa tu bure na depression. Good day

What else can best describe that if not unfaithfulness Maina?

Maina what are these women saying here..?Flushed faceFlushed faceFlushed wako na wanaume wengine huko nje wa kuwatuliza..?.OOOLISKIA WAPII..?.#MainaAndKingangi #MainaAndKingangi #MainaAndKingangi #MainaAndKingangi #MainaAndKingangi #MainaAndKingangi

This thing’s are there and it’s happening. I just decided not to marry. Cause Maina the things that I’ve heard. Hizi vitu na deep state are same whatsapp group.

It’s true. I have an office lady who discloses to me everything about her life and her husband…..

We don’t care, she can call whomever.

Wazidi kua nao tu,

Men are the ones who start these things. What you are saying Maina is true. There are men who help you without even you asking. Let them stay in the dark, these men don’t need to know.

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