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“Have Kenyan men become irrelevant?” Maina asks Kenyan ladies

Maina Kageni’s morning conversation today morning concerned the modern trend of women who go to the club and buy their own drinks.

“Yesterday I noticed that women were having fun by themselves in the club. These women drive their own cars, buy their own alcohol and apparently a lot of women follow DJs. How do dates happen nowadays? Ladies, is it that Kenyan men have become irrelevant?”

The comments came hard and fast with many men blaming the economy for the trend, while others said that it was a perk of modern times for men. Read some of the responses below:

Hello, Maina am a woman and I drink, I mean I drink my money,take myself out but one thing I promised myself never to marry an alcoholic. Men have that mentality that women who drink, aren’t wife materials, that’s a lie, we are the best, try us.

It’s a twisted world women live in; harsh and unfair in most cases.

What exactly are the expectations of society on women?

Kindly tell these men that we walk into clubs knowing how our bills will be sorted… We don’t need them to pay for us… N we actually enjoy our own company more… If she is drinking alone please leave her alone… We aren’t looking for company…

The world we live in today is equal so if a woman drinks well and good but don’t step foot in my house .

Those ladies hv a gd family foundation.. and more soo stable partners.

Most of them are le*bians.

OH wow!!!! Next we shall talk about women that Buy their own cars,houses,pay their own rent..Woman.

Sinipesa yao wanakunywa kwani shida ikoapi, but one thing I know they take their stress into drinking reason being they are unmarriageable.

These women who buy themselves drinks, hate men and I mean HATE.

Hao ndio utapata wamekalia wazee wao.

These should be avoided as wives and considered as side…

We have become so independent in that we no longer depend on men for our own happiness. We earn and we spend.. happy life.

These sons of pharaoh watatusaliti kwa mama zao mimi sigwesi mek gwachana na my life n my galfies.

Maina bill ya 1000 tutatoa wapi na ih economy Aki

Yeah.. that’s how it starts.

Self-driven women.

Are you sure Maina the cars they are driving are theirs? What about the drinks? Ama drinks ni tuma kwa ii till namba? Do more research.

Maina its not all the time we expect somthing in return after buying them drinks but wanazoea sana weekend ikifika they just holla at you soo if am not getting anything in return we share cost your not my girlfriend have fun with your own money too…………….

Na hizo pesa zikiisha kesho utaskia maina wakikupigia wakisema wanaume hawana kakitu na ni wako hawajui kutumia pesa. We as a man pesa zetu zikitoka ziko na sababu. But not like this nonsense like tuende kwa club buy u msinga. Good for nothing.

These women are fighting depression Maina wait we lifted the girl child now result ndiyo hii.

Apparently, not all bought those cars for themselves. There is always more to it than meets the eye…

Hizo pesa ni zenye walituibia wakahepa but zitaisha tu na watarudi. 😂

Umeamua tu Leo utuingilie wanaume.

King’ang’i anasema 20k iende Bure like if they take the ladies at night the money will come like it’s an investment. Anyway… If you are inviting us for lunches and drinks and you can’t buy food or expect something in return, just send an email. Thank you 😂.

My life has been falling apart, but falling together at the same time. Every person that has walked away has been replaced by someone better. Every situation that hasn’t worked out has led me to a greater 1. So when things go left, it’s for something to go right.

Ladies r the one who date men nowadays…wamekuwa wavivu.

Let these women buy drinks for themselves ndio hata we save.

Nowadays there is love ndo maana tunapenda pombe.

Today’s economy does not allow us to do that. These drinks are very expensive.

Kwanza mm siwezi kunywa kingfisher huko nilitokaga.

Ata siku hizi ni ya high schoolers.

Nani alisema tunataka kuolewa,ambia Mwalimu awachane Na Sisi kabisaa.

Exactly it doesn’t mean we want to be married Maina. Who said we can’t have our own fun as girls we are ….sio wanaume pekee wanafaa kulewa pombe haijaandikwa gender. If they won’t marry us it’s because they know us but someone else who doesn’t know us well will marry us.

Imagine instead of getting stress that you have to pay him after the drinks just go on your own bila stress. Hawa wanaume wacha tu.

Yeah…Kila mtu anywe kwa bill yake na company yake…

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