‘Hata mahari yangu nilijilipia mwenyewe!’ Love-struck woman tells Maina

Maina and King’ang’i had an interesting conversation today about women dating men who earn less than them.

Maina was of the opinion that it was wrong for a man to be dating a woman who had more money than he had.

Meanwhile King’ang’i was of the opinion that love should be the prevailing and decisive factor for dating.

The discussion was opened up to the listeners and one really shocked and disturbed Maina. The lady is called Aisha and she described her relationship to Rashid, her husband.

She told Maina that she took care of him and that they had four kids. Her revelation is below;

You want to break our marriages. When you start putting money into the equation then you are spoiling our marriages. My Rashid ako jobless. Hata mahari yangu nilijilipia mwenyewe. When I look back, I am glad that I have Rashid. I take care of everything in the home. Women should care about love more than money. Him not having a job does not disturb me. Our first son is in form two and we have four kids.

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Other comments from listeners are below;

Love respects no economic class-A male listener said.

I want to have a voice in my home and that cannot happen if I have a woman who is financially better-A male listener said.

Safisha mwanamme at your own risk-A female listener said.

Is Mwalimu serious? These men will leave you when the get success-A male listener said.

That man you are calling broke is someone’s son or brother. Love is about the heart-A male listener said.

Title of the man of the home is reserved for someone who is providing-A male listener said.

Where do you get a ready-made man in this Kenya? That is why women are nyemelearing older men. How do you compare love and money? Even you have refused to marry. How are women supposed to find husbands?-Wakanai told Maina.

I have been married for 2 years to a man who isn’t financially stable. He beats me even though I am pregnant. I am financially stable and I drive a better car than him. I did not know that he wasn’t financially successful when I met him. I can’t say if there is anything that he has done for me. I didn’t think I will be with a man who is abusive at my age.

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