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Maina, we have tolerated you for too long! Upset Kenyan man tells morning host

Maina Kageni had the bit in his teeth today when he spoke about a topic that has him perplexed. The issue at hand, was why many men had a problem with women who smoke.

The radio presenter issued an impassioned appeal to men speaking about his female cousin who not only smokes but is successful and has been married for 30 years.

Women smoking will dissuade men from having relationships with women. My cousin is married and she smokes and drinks. My cousin has never smoked or drank and he has been with his wife for more than 30 years. She is a good mother. She is a doctor, she is doing business. How does smoking make someone a bad partner? Would that one thing alone not make you get married to a woman?

King’ang’i himself was almost apoplectic about the notion Maina was advocating and said that most men didn’t want women who smoked.

The reason Maina Kageni’s revelation about SK Macharia being his “father” makes sense

In an interesting turn of events, most callers(male and female respondents) seemed to agree with King’ang’i which rarely ever happens.  Some even said that women who smoked were akin to prostitutes.

Check out some of the comments from the morning conversation below:

Some are smoking bhangi with his wife. Many people don’t like it.

I appreciate that the government has put a rule about smoking. I have 3 women right now and none of them is smoking. It is about managing deals, that’s how we deal.

Weed ni muhimu.

A woman who smokes belongs to the streets.

When I started dating my GF seriously we both stopped smoking.

There was a news anchor who was beautiful that I admired until I saw her smoking bhang and cigarettes. That was the day my crush for her ended.

Smoking makes a woman’s body sag. They age 5 times as worse as men who smoke.

A smoking woman kills the s3xual desire.

Maina, we have tolerated you for too long. How should a wife smoke when her husband isn’t?

In Kikuyu land a woman who smokes is a prostitute. Imagine you go with a woman to shags and she starts smoking. She will be seen as a prostitute

Why should someone smoke especially a woman? If a lady smokes that’s the end of any relationship with that woman.

 A lady who smokes is a turn-off and let-off.

Me and my husband used to smoke bhang until I got pregnant but we stopped.

Why is it OK for men to smoke and not for women.

There is no place that smoking and prostitution go hand in hand.

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