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I was one of his 7 wives! Bitter woman tells Maina after shocking discovery

Maina Kageni had one of the most fascinating conversations on his show today. The topic concerned the issue of men who have multiple wives and keep them a secret, with none of the women knowing that they are dating a polygamous man.

The host referenced one woman who called yesterday who divulged that the man she had lived with for 30 years, had 2 other wives. Not only that, she was the 3rd wife!

Maina was befuddled at how the women in those situations could be that ignorant and puzzled at how the men who did this were able to manage those mean feats?

But more shock was to come when a certain lady called in saying that it wasn’t a unique story. She herself had dealt with a man who had had 7 different women, including herself! Her story is below;

I was married for 8 years and this man was everything every lady would want. He used to provide everything. I never suspected anything, he had a car. He would even buy things from the market for me. Shock on me when I go for maternity leave with our 3rd child. I get a call from a lady.

When I met the lady and she asked me if I was the wife. She had gotten the number on my husband’s phone. Apart from me and her, there were 5 other ladies with his kids and all thought that they were his wife.

When I confronted him, he said all the rest were lying. He would even bring me food when I was sick from the other women telling me that he had bought it from a restaurant! He had even taken two of those women for ruracio’s!

I later left but that guy still begs me to go back. I will never go back. That was 4 years ago. There are no men who are alone in Kenya. Let women understand. You will not be alone.

We used to  go for road trips, taking me abroad and he treated me like a queen. And all of us didn’t suspect. He used to bring me food from one of his other women. When the lady called she called me by the ladies name. There is no man who has only one woman.

Some of the other comments from listeners are below;

There is no way someone can live with someone for that long and not know. I refuse to believe that-A man commented.

Surely some women will have the intuition to notice that things have changed-A woman commented.

These men are ninjas. I dated mine for 1 year and after I got pregnant is when I realised he was married-A woman told Maina.

That man with 7 women is a legend-A man enthused.

Take time to know your partner before taking another step-A lady commented.

I got like 3 and none know the others. No one will ever notice. When she wants to have an issue, you just give her everything she wants. You can’t get everything from one woman. No one is loyal. If someone is taking care of you then be happy.

Our boyfriends cheat on us and we get to know. How is it that you can live with a man and you can’t know?-A woman asked.

What do you think?

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