Eliud in the plane

He is doing it for mankind – Maina admirably says about Eliud Kipchoge

Maina and King’ang’i spoke about Eliud Kipchoge today morning and his heroic attempt at breaking the 2hr marathon record. Maina and his co-host were impressed with the feat that Eliud would try to achieve.

Mwalimu even enthused that Eliud was taken by a private plane on his way to Vienna.

‘He was come for by a private jet(owned by British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe) that costs Sh.4 billion. Imagine he was at Kaptagat where he was washing his own clothes! You there you keep on disturbing women to wash for your clothes.’

Eliud at the airport
Eliud at the airport

Maina was fascinated by the great thing that Eliud was about to accomplish. He said,

‘He is going to do something special for mankind, for our species. This is a task that is being undertaken by a Kenyan. He will be doing something that no human being has ever done.’

He then asked the audience whether they could see him pulling it off? All of the responses were optimistic and believed that he could do it.

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One lady said,

‘He is doing for mankind. Please don’t miss it as he doing something that no human being has done before. You will do it, you will change mankind forever. It is like going to the moon. He is the idol that our children need. He is a national icon.’

Eliud at the airport
Eliud at the airport

The Classic105 duo even spoke about the recent haul that Kenya achieved at the Doha World Championships finishing second behind the USA.

King’ang’i remarked that we Kenyans had become indifferent to their athletic teams doing well,

‘Those are the real shujaas. Na tumewazoea. They will beg given mursik and it will be over. Do you know the celebrations that they were given in Uganda when they went with two gold medals? They (Ugandans) will now be given shambas and houses.’

King’ang’i also advised Maina that he should seek out Arsenal fans to help him deal with the loss Man U are undergoing this year.

‘This is the last time we are talking about Man U. People are throwing themselves. You need to get used. It is never that serious. Stay with the people of Arsenal and ask them what they are taking. Get used to losing because It will not end soon.’

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