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That’s suicide! Some men tell Maina about quitting their jobs to support their wives

The morning conversation today tangentially touched on the inauguration of Joe Biden with Maina Kageni touching on his VP’s marriage, Kamala Harris.

Maina was focused on her husband, Doug Emhoff, who left his private law practice to support his wife and focus on his role at the White House.

He then asked whether Kenyan men would consider doing the same for their women? “Can a Kenyan man do what Douglas Craig Emhoff did for his wife?” The responses were based on each person’s personal preference.

Some of those comments are below:

A Kenyan man will support his wife but he can’t leave his work to do that.

Of course, if she will be going to a bigger office…MP or Governor or VP or CS or CAS in our situation..or CEO Kenya power and few others. Yes, a man can do that.

I like everything in America…Especially in politics Everything they do in a unique way and style not like the other nation especially in Africa where we do things in “kiundutho” way.

They have their style of doing things, we have ours. Because that man did so, does not mean we all should

Most Kenyan men have a fear of being disowned by their ladies after supporting them.

He just left one job for another. Something we do every day.

I highly doubt that.

Guys, would you quit your job to support your wife?

Why should I?

It depends.

Never ever.


On this one. Women are attracted to that superiority that a man has over you. Ikiisha, hata wewe kwisha. She will start saying you are below her. My opinion though but based on what I’ve seen and heard out here.

Kenyan women you will sacrifice for them when things go haywire, they’ll come back to blame you. Unasomesha mtu, unamtafutia kazi but anaandika mama yake kama next of kin. They so ungrateful bana.

Can’t quit. In Kenya, it’s a big No…..Women will not live with a broke man…

Kenyan men can not do that Maina bcoz they never want a woman to succeed before they do, and that’s why women invest without involving their husbands.

Some men have that heart of sacrificing for their women, while some women are very ungrateful… Kuna tu wanawake hawananga shukran.. Women should just be appreciating their men for the small they have offered them.

I sacrificed not once for some people I thought were special to me but what I got in return was PPT( prime premium tears). I’m not repeating some mistakes with my eyes and mind wide open.

Hii mwaka we are not entertaining men that think like those of 1900.

Maina wanaume wanalia huku nje.

A Kenyan man cannot support you. I quit my job for my marriage and I deeply regret it.

Most women in this country, if it’s happened she buy’s a smartphone while you’re using katululu weeeeh! Hapo umewachwa na hiyo simu yako haina. 

No man support a lady because he has enough. you sacrifice your comfort for her but they don’t recognize that. They find better and move without looking over the shoulder.

Never sacrifice your mission for a woman. she won’t remember your sacrifice a week from now.

If a man makes any sacrifice for a woman, just know she is worth that sacrifice.

Unaeza sacrifice aje job zenye hazipatikani. We are in harsh economic conditions. That makes Kenya a special case.

That’s a suicide mission….you’ll die before ur time comes.

Sacrifice wanaume wa Kenya wanaeza fanya kwa mwanamke ni kukaa kiti ya nyuma kwa matatu. 

Sacrifice wanaume wa Kenya wanaeza fanya kwa mwanamke ni kukaa kiti ya nyuma kwa matatu.

Naked truth……woman of nowaday can’t be trusted at all…..Pretenders are worse than Murderers…..

Kenyan men cannot help you but kwa wale watakusaidia they will want to control your life, your salary, who you hang out with. Hawa watu wa ‘nilikusomesha’ ndio wakona hii tabia.

Kama ulisomeshwa rudisha mkono. Selfishness is not in the Ubuntu Spirit. After crossing the river you now want independence not knowing that dependence gave you the ladder to reach where you are. 

Very rare to find African ladies supporting even our hustles leave alone campaigns. Akikusupport kunanyesha.

Maina it’s better when you are not supported by these daughters of Jezebel, coz when it comes to the time of misunderstanding Maina you will curse the day you knew kukatiana since they will call press conference to tell out how she had helped you.

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