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She has been paralysed for 2 years and still emerged tops-Maina told about KCPE

Maina and King’ang’i spoke about the recent KCPE exam results. They celebrated the candidates who had performed well and also raised an important issue that faces Kenyans, especially when one considers the importance attached to them.

Maina asked how his listeners had performed in their respective national exams and how it had impacted their lives. One lady gave an inspiring story of a paralysed girl that she knew who had performed beyond expectations, emerging tops in her school.

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She told Mr Kageni, ‘I knew a girl who did very well. She has been paralysed for the last two years. Even her mother wanted her to repeat but her teachers insisted that she should proceed to class 8. She was the top in her school with 418 marks.’

Mr Kageni and Mwalimu were impressed with the story that the lady had give and even celebrated her. Some other comments from listeners are below;

When I did my KCPE I got 266. But I never gave up -Sharon told the host.

Before the results were released I was promised heaven but after I got my D-, my parents moved house -A man said.

I failed. My mom even said that I have fallen forwards. They even told me to go and get myself a school -A woman said.

I did average but I encouraged myself afterwards and have been pushing -A woman said.

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I feel for parents who take their kids to public schools which are producing failures unlike our times -A man said.

I was the brightest in our home and I failed by getting 314 out of 700. I redeemed myself in KCSE and now I am doing well -A man said.

I passed getting 533 out of 700. No one knew me. I went to a very remote school. At that time Index number 1 was treated like royalty -A man said.

I got 345 out of 500. Life has nyoroshad me -A man said.

This KCPE doesn’t reflect the way life will go. I did well in KCPE and my sister did well in KCSE. She is doing well, I am pambanaing with my hali -man

Maina and King’ang’i finished the show by encouraging listeners that life doesn’t end after KCPE or KCSE.

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