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Marry first, then come advise married men with side chicks! Maina told by angry man

Spurned on from yesterday’s conversation about Karen Nyamu and Samidoh,  Maina Kageni had a question for men in matrimony. “Married men, why can’t you let your side-chick go and get married?”

As usual, the conversation devolved into both genders blaming the other for the state of affairs, with one male caller saying that it wasn’t the men’s fault as single women know what they are getting into from the start.

“Single women should know what they are getting into and the consequences when they decide to date married men!”

Read some more of the comments below:

Love that callers sentiment they tend to play doom when they get pregnant then start yelling all over as if they were forced to date married men.

Maina msiba wakujitakia haina pole

That lady awache kujipa stress. Anaweza get married na aendelee na hako kamzee. Lakini akishikwa asiseme nimemshow.

They should be prepared. How do you date a married man Whereas sisi Single tupo?? It must end in premium tears .

Their aim is to misuse ladies…But one day they will pay dearly.

Maina, marry first, then come advise married men with side chicks, okay.

It’s actually the other way married friend amejaribu kuachana na the side chick and all he gets is threats that the wife will be told.

Uzuri ladies prefer married men than these single men. Reason being they are real, direct and responsible.

The morning show that has never seen or discussed anything positive on men.

Side chicks should always be so single for easy & quick response to emergency issues.

Maina Should First Tell Us If He’s A She Or A He. Unapenda Umama Sana.

It’s sometimes difficult to let it go after being in relationships for a long time, it’s a mutual acceptance and life continues.

Why is it that when men do things it’s a problem when ladies do the same it’s not?

We have ladies here who are hanging other ex married boyfriend and it’s not a big deal why?

She’s willing to do what the main chick isn’t…Why would I let that go?

Sukari ya kuiba hua tamu kuliko ya kupewa. Period.

Who leave who, we have tried imeshindikana.

The same way they can’t let married men be it’s law of nature

We share.

I used to have one. That man would come to my house in the morning and leave at 2 am ati kwangu ndio kuna peace…..he would even come without a notice….one day he came and I had moved to another apartment….pooh don’t cheat on me.

Love comes in levels even that is love. Kitu mbaya ni kushikwa hata mwizi huskia Utamu akiiba lakini akishikwa woooi.

The reason why Pharaoh did not let Israelites leave Egypt, is the very same reason we can’t let side chicks go.

Mafisi wenye tuko single tunanyemelea hao mabibi zao pia. GOAL – GOAL.

Get married by who and refused to marry, we are just carrying your burden bro.

Ni wao hawataki kutuacha juu they are benefiting from us.

Men are less who will marry her?

Let married men who cheat answer this.

The side chicks aren’t willing to be let us go, 90pct of men are more than willing just like that.

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