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Her man used to cook, clean the house and clothes (even panties) – Maina told shocking story

Maina Kageni’s topic today was about men who have been sat on by their significant others. The conversation was a fiery one with many men responding with their crazy stories.

He asked, “Today we talk about ‘wanaume wenye wamekaliwa’. Ladies, are you overly harsh on your man? because there has to be a reason.  Do these men marry devils or do they create devils?”

Mwalimu King’ang’i said, “Wanaume wengi sana wamekaliwa.” #MainaAndKingangi

The comments came in hard and fast. They are below:

Hatujakaliwa ni kupenda amani bwana.

The men contributes so much in this behavior from their ladies from time they get married. No man gets married to a lady who he knows atamkalia chapo.

In marriage, RESPECT should be paramount. If FEAR dominates then know all isn’t well. A man shouldn’t never fear going into his own house.

Some ladies will visit friends and neighbours, see something good in those houses then they come back and put pressure on you to buy. It becomes a point of attack.

Maina, in today’s topic. There’s alot of toxicity in marriage institutions.  People get into marriages with past issues and problems and subject them to their partners. And hence leads me to say both men and women are responsible

…… Are responsible for what happens in harshness and high level of mistrust and control. We’re all responsible. It’s sad. I’m not yet married. It’s evidence of how things started and where they’re headed.

Kuna like 5% of men wamekaliwa literally whom hakuna dawa but the 95% problem is you let her call the shots occasionally, eventually inakua the norm and she convinces herself yeye ndio kusema, to avoid conflict you let her be unavumilia, what keeps men in the marriage is the kids!

There’s nothing like ‘kukaliwa’That’s toxicity! Alot of women out here are toxic, narcissist but we don’t address it! Society has groomed toxicity in women they call it ‘kukaliwa.’

Kukaliwa starts when u start pulling a chair for her in the name of being romantic

Majority don’t know wamekaliwa, outsiders wanaona, they mistake it for romance…..

It’s we men who let our women kalia sisi. It’s how we treat our women that makes them revenge on us..

Ukiona mwanaume ana complain amekaliwa jua tu yeye ndo shida.

How does a lady sit on you??

Hahahaa kweli tumekaliwa si uongo.

As a man, I cannot be bossed around by my wife…
Ephesians 5.33: Wife, respect your husband, PERIOD!
…that’s the standard the Bible gives to every [email protected]

Wanawake wengine hukalia mabwana zao juu ya hizi vikundi vya wamama. Nilienda kujaribu hizo vitu on my husband and it almost ruined my marriage.

I have NEVER approved those wanawake chamas coz they are recipe for marriage breakups…..if men knew what happens in those chamas they would collapse and DIE, kwanza if it’s leaders are legendary divorced ladies kwako kutawaka moto.

This lady should be invited to this year’s MEN’S conference coz she has earned our respect, kayamba kwake
Some do it because of the in-laws kwanza kama ukona in-laws who are always after your Hubby’s money trust me utamkalia.

But why would a man accept kukaliwa for heavens sake.

Marriage/relationships last longer when you don’t tell people your business.

I have been married for 11 years and my husband cooks his own dinner. I still follow the advice was given by other women.

There is also that group of men who like that sort of treatment..they love being dominated by their wives coz it gives them pleasure.

This thing called marriage is so problematic. Not unless you stop listening to what people say and do your s h I e t how you want them done

And she will never see that plot unless ajinunilie. Ukiona mwanamme amekubali kukaliwa ako na plan, the moment his timings will be right, huyo mwanamke atapiga simu hapa tu kusema all men are dogs.

Then usikie some aunts pressuring sons of Abraham to get married. Nefa efa…

These are the kind of things that makes young people hate marriage! 

According to our tradition that’s a taboo.

Ask them why they’re being kaliwad they won’t answer coz wanajua hao ndo shida.

I know of a couple where the wife was the one controlling her huzy’s money mpaka alikuwa na his ATM so the man lied how much he earns and wud do m-banking, she was dramatic but funny enough he used to bembeleza her mum nyamaza.

Maina this gender is weak and they respond to how men treat them..we respond to how they treat us.

Maina this men claiming vile wamekaliwa are devils themselves vichwa ngumu sana don’t think the wives are mad nivile ameonyeshwa.

Men go through so much in silence! We love our women but they tend to take advantage of that fact!

Men create devil in their women. I personally know of a man who wakes up takes kids to school with his own car after the wife sold the kids school car and there is nothing he can do shopping ye ndio huendea soko.

I have been to many chamas,for more than 10 yrs,na sijawahi sikia kitu kama hiyo. Ama ni chama gani are they talking about?

Maina the men contribute so much in this behavior from their ladies from time they get married. No man gets married to a lady who he knows atamkalia chapo.

A lady was telling me that his dude would cook, clean the house and clothes (even panties) simply because he used to come over on weekends and the lady was working.

One day the lady found the guy with another lady in this house

In marriage RESPECT should be paramount. If FEAR dominates then know all isn’t well. A man shouldn’t never fear going into his own house.

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