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Babu Owino just showed us the type of leaders we have – Kenyans tell Maina

Maina and King’ang’i spoke about the can of worms Babu Owino opened after his gun antics that took place last week Friday.

The host said that what Babu had done was endemic of a bigger issue that the country was facing, that is a culture where leaders did as they please with impunity. “Kenyan leaders behave like they are above the law. It didn’t start with Babu. It is a consequence of a wider thing.”

Mr. Kageni even added that the first thing Babu said after his arrest was that he was going to support BBI.

Maina Kageni in the studio
Maina Kageni in the studio

King’ang’i agreed with the gist of Maina’s argument saying that the youth had no leaders to emulate and that is why they are behaving poorly.

The host then opened the conversation to the public. Some of the comments are below;

He is the same person who posted about Raila becoming the president either by ballot or by bullet – A woman said.

Babu Owino is crazy! That ni**a is crazy – Maina says

Babu just showed us the type of leaders we have – A woman said.

What if Nancy Barasa’s case happened today? She wouldn’t go home. The Jubilee government has failed Kenyans. In Kibaki’s government things used to work but under Jubilee things are very different – A man said.

The poltician
Babu Owino

Babu is at peace because he has supported the handshake and thinks it will keep him safe – A man said.

Whom can we run to when the leaders we support behave like this – A man said.

What do you expect when the government doesn’t adhere to court orders? – A man asked.

We have to stop voting for politicians but for leaders. I have been a victim before. Someone prominent tried to shoot me at Whisky River. I dodged a bullet – A man said.

In the 80’s one senior officer came into a bar in Ng’ong and shot his wife dead on the counter. This has been going on for a long time. You only become popular when you become a gangster – A man said.

Why do drinking joints allow people with guns anymore? – A woman asked.

Kenya ni kwa wenye pesa na wenye jina. Even when you go to prison, you can’t find rich people – A woman told Mr. Kageni.

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