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Maina and Kingangi perplexed by Ringtone’s attention seeking

Today’s morning conversation was really interesting with Maina and Kingangi debating the merits of people coupling up. While speaking, Maina had some choice words for gospel musician Ringtone.

Maina was unhappy with the antics that Ringtone has been pulling recently, especially his latest stunt yesterday. The singer had gone to Pastor Allan Kiuna’s JCC church that is located on Forest Road.

While there, the ‘Pamela’ singer decided to go on with his wife search and held a placard inside the church premises advertising his need for a wife.

Ringtone at JCC
Ringtone at JCC

He was thrown out of the church premises and Maina wondered why Ringtone had to even look for a wife in the first place?

Kingangi agreed and asked how it was possible someone who had money, who lived in Karen and who owned a V8 and a Range Rover could not get a wife?

He finished off by advising the singer that he should find another way to get attention.

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