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Maina and Kingangi debate whether marriage is necessary anymore?

Maina and Kingangi debated the merits of coupling up in this day and age. Maina felt that it wasn’t necessary for people to get married while Kingangi disagreed with him saying that marriage was important.

Kingangi even told Maina that he shouldn’t be that selfish in his thinking, saying that there is a person for everyone. He even enthused that because a past lover had disappointed you, one should not give up on love.

After that, Maina opened up the conversation to listeners. Some of the comments are below;

You can easily get a good woman to marry but you can’t get a good reason to marry-A written message from a man.

Don’t get married for no reason-Captain Kale’ written message.

I am never getting married. I don’t want to be dictated to. I am too independent. I will do whatever I want to do-A woman told Mr. Kageni.

Everyone has to make their own decision about marriage-A written message from a man.

Even dating is tough for me, how about marriage-A written message from a woman.

It takes an empowered person to make a proper decision to get married-A written message from a man.

Let us not kid ourselves, every woman needs a man-A written message from a woman.

Maina you were born because your mom and dad got together-A man telling Maina the host.

Marriage was always an exchange but it isn’t so at the moment-A written message from a woman.

It is great that we have the choice of whether we should get married or not-A woman told Maina.

Some of y’all were born to destroy marriages-A written message from a man.

Everyone is wired for marriage. It is just that everyone who does not want to get married has made themselves not marriage material. If you don’t have a wife, a man comes to naught-A written message from a man

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