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Maina and Kingangi debate why husbands are calling their wives beasts!

Maina and Kingangi spoke about an interesting topic today on the relations between the genders. Maina was concerned after a male caller had previously said that Kenyan women (wives) are animals in general. He even added that the women are beasts.

Maina asked how it was possible for men to sleep in the same bed with their wives and still call them animals? How was it possible for the men to have such cognitive dissonance?

Kingangi said that Kenyan women putting mchele in a man’s drink was a sign of how bad things were. Maina opened the floor up to comments from the gallery. Some of the responses are below;

Word of advice for newly married men. Eat from the same plate as your wife-Written message from a man.

Men should know that there is no woman as dangerous as one who has been messed with-Written message from a man.

Let not these men be too judgemental. It is pathetic-Message from a female caller.

They are beasts, they are so evil. Even devils fear them. Only fear one woman, your mother.-Wakanai said.

The worst thing that a man can do is trusting in his wife-Written message from a man.

A woman will put poison in your food and still look you in the eye while you eat it-Written message from a man.

We deal with devils. How can you grind a steel wire in someone’s food and give it to them to eat-Written message from a man.

Hatukatai tuna demons but these animals come because of the men. And it is because they lie. Men are the ones who lie. They frustrate us-Message from a female caller.

Satan and women are friends-Written message from a man.

Why marry someone you don’t trust-A woman asked via text message.

I sleep with my eyes open-Written message from a man.

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