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I don’t see bars being opened! Maina Kageni says to the dismay of King’ang’i

Morning host Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i spoke about the president’s eagerly anticipated press conference that will take place later today.

Many are expecting the president to give direction on the curfew and Covid-19 restrictions that had been placed. Maina said,

I am seeing the curfew being lifted but I also see bars not been opened. A second wave is coming according to the experts.  What if he doesn’t open the bars because of social distancing. Have you heard of the second wave? There are a lot of expectations. I like playing the devil’s advocate. I will give the president these recommendations.

But King’ang’i wasn’t happy with that viewpoint and countered saying;

Ile wave imepiga watu kwa wallet si mchezo. People are tired. There is no money.  It’s like our economy was run by the bars. Politicians have no moral authority as they are holding rallies where people are squeezed. We have herd immunity. The Tanzanians should have died by now. Leave alone things from Britain. We should deal with the reality. I think Kenya is the only country that is still counting.

Most Kenyans chimed in agreeing with King’ang’i’s viewpoint. Some of those comments are below;

Is the virus choosy?

With or without the second wave, he needs to deal with the issue of schools.

The second wave is over but it was between July and August.

For now let’s copy TZ. Kama mbaya ni mbaya.

Let the second wave come, we fight with it.

Does it mean that Covid-19 only spreads in bars? Have you seen the political rallies?

They have to open bars. How can they open churches and not the bars. Shule ingoje. They want to interrupt the school calendar.

Few people are wearing the masks on their chins. I go to bars and people are still drinking. Life is going on. He should open late-night driving. If someone isn’t drinking it means they have no money.

He should open up the country before he opens up schools.

We are tired. Whether it will be the 5th wave, waache tupampane na hali yetu.

Maina please stop saying these types of things. If he doesn’t open up the country, I will carry a placard to State House.

Tunangoja Uhuru kama shillingi. The campaign has already started and people aren’t wearing masks. We are tired of the problems that we have been facing.

There is nothing like Covid-19. It only happens in Europe and America. Why does the wave increase when the president is about to speak?

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