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Why are you blushing and you are so black! Maina tells King’ang’i on b/day

Maina and King’ang’i spoke about a variety of things today. One of them was the beautiful jacket that Mwalimu had decided to wear on his birthday. Maina clarified the suit colour for King’ang’i telling him that it was mustard.

The two also spoke about Hussein Mohamed whose last day on Citizen TV was yesterday. The presenters only had kind words for Hussein. Mr. Kageni said, ‘You have done well. You were the best in the business.’

Hussein Mohamed leaving Citizen
Hussein Mohamed leaving Citizen TV

Maina also revealed that he had thought of quitting in the past but King’ang’i challenged him telling him that it wasn’t easy to do such a thing. He said, ‘You keep on saying that. Do you know how difficult it is to move on to a new challenge?

Mwalimu then added that he wouldn’t be surprised if Hussein was moving to the greener pastures of Al Jazeera or CNN. Mr. Kageni added by telling Mr. Mohamed, ‘Great work. Congrats and all the best. He more than deserves it. The world is your oyster.’

maina kageni poses with white shirt
maina kageni poses with white shirt

Maina finished off the early morning conversation by wishing his long-time co-host a happy birthday. He said, ‘It’s your birthday. Happy Birthday! Why are you blushing and you are so black! Happy birthday my brother!’

I miss President Moi so much!-Mwalimu King’ang’i tells Maina Kageni

Mr. Kageni then asked Mwalimu why he didn’t make a point of celebrating his birthday. King’ang’i responded by saying that after a certain age one celebrates a birthday on daily basis, ‘I wish I could throw away my problems like simu ya Atwoli. There is an age you fika that you stop counting. Liwe liwalo.’


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