Maina Kageni’s advice to girls on men who flee dates before the bill comes


Girls, if you have ever been left with a huge bill after your date disappears, read this.

Retired president Moi’s grandson is trending online after leaving his girlfriend with an unpaid bill.

Collins is Jonathan Moi’s son and over the weekend took out a girl for her birthday celebration in Kitale. The woman is Fai Amarios daughter.

According to reports, Collins deserted the woman at the hotel after failing to pay the sh100,000 bill.

She was detained for a week, over the incidence.

Who are these men who take women out for dates and are broke, Maina Kageni wanted to know? What happened to gentlemen?

A passionate Maina spoke out saying;

Ladies, it’s 2019 why are we tolerating this behavior?

Ladies are these the kind of men you date? His advice going forward this year?

‘You need to audit these men before you date them’.

Back in October 2018, socialite Pendo was arrested for failing to pay a sh117k bill incurred in a Westlands based hotel with her mzungu lover, Joseph Kner.

Mr. Kner is said to have left her stranded in their room with the bill unpaid.

She was taken to the police station with a source disclosing that:

She and her mzungu went to that hotel, sasa mzungu amemhepa, amemuacha na bill ya karibu 80,000. She was checked out by that hotel but at 8:00 PM, she hadn’t paid, akaitiwa makarao.

Several years back another socialite Laura Oyier was also detained in a popular city hotel over an unpaid bill, after he date took off.

Classic 105 fam, have you experienced such an unfortunate incident, and kindly share with us below.



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